Introducing Me

Julia Hansen

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog. It feels a bit naked at the moment due to the fact that I am currently writing its first post, but hopefully, I’ll be consistently posting on a weekly basis!

It’s been my dream since I was a small preteen to have my own blog. Whether I’m just sharing my own thoughts or reviewing some books or sharing something cool, I want to create content. English has always been my favorite subject (in fact, I majored in it) so it should come as no surprise that I want to tell stories for a living. This is just one way of going about doing that!

My favorite kind of content is the seemingly mundane. I love reading about people’s lives- a book they recently read and loved, their style, their thoughts and dreams. It’s this intangible connection to others that I want to create. Hopefully, that comes across here.

Here are a few fun facts about me to get this started:

  • My favorite food is strawberry shortcake
  • I graduated from college in May of 2020 with a degree in pr/marketing communications and English literature
  • Growing up, I danced every other day, learning contemporary, lyrical, hip hop, tap, jazz, and ballet. Tap and contemporary are my favorite!
  • I can play multiple instruments including the violin, guitar, and ukulele
  • My favorite color is green, but yellow is a close second
  • I have a lot of plants but a few of them are consistently half-dead
  • My favorite movie of all time is Matilda
  • I was a HUGE One Direction fan growing up
  • Vanilla and lavender are my favorite scents
  • I own four bookcases worth of books
  • Blue raspberry ICEEs are my go-to movie theater drink
  • My zodiac sign is cancer and my MBTI is likely INFP

I hope those random facts gave you a glimpse into who I am as a person.

Thank you for reading! I can’t wait to go on this journey with you all.

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